How to Put on Socks After Hip Replacement

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How to Put on Socks After Hip Replacement

It is able to be hard to dress and undress when you are injured or have surgical treatment. The tips below will assist you to position on and take off your socks and footwear

Socks and stockings

To put on socks or hose

  1. Vicinity the sock useful resource into your sock or stocking. Make sure the heel of your sock is behind the sock resource. For help hose, be sure to spread the hose over the sock useful resource flippantly, with out “bunching.”
  2. Keep the sock useful resource by the straps with both arms. First, do the foot of the leg that was injured or had surgical treatment. This is known as the “affected” or “weaker” leg. Whilst conserving the straps, drop the sock aid to the floor in front of the foot on your weaker leg.
  3. Slip your foot into the tool to put on socks. Then pull on the straps to pull the sock aid onto your foot (see figure to right).
  4. Pull till the sock is up your leg. Preserve pulling till the sock useful resource comes from your sock.
  5. Comply with the identical steps to put a sock on the alternative foot.

To get rid of socks or hose

  1. Hold your long-deal with shoe horn, reacher, or dressing stick. Use it to push the sock off your foot. Slide or push down alongside the back of your leg and heel (see discern at right).
  2. Use your reacher to select up your socks from the ground.


To put on shoes

  1. Together with your reacher, pinch the tongue of the shoe.
  2. Then use the reacher to line up the shoe together with your ft (see figure below).
  3. Slide your foot into the shoe. You may need to apply an extended-take care of shoe horn in the again of your shoe.

To take off footwear, preserve your reacher, dressing stick, or long-deal with shoe horn. Use it to push your shoe off. Push it off out of your heel.

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