Night Vision Glasses for Driving Help to Avoid Accidents

August 13, 2018 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ online shopping

Night Vision Glasses for Driving Help to Avoid Accidents

The glare from brilliant streetlights and headlights in the night reasons severe riding distractions, eye strain and ultimately accidents!

Studies display that the most dangerous time to drive is at night time. Deadly crashes are 4x more likely to occur at night, than during the day. Fatigue, bad light, and drivers underneath the affect of medication and alcohol make using at night time extra risky than in the course of another time of the day.

It’s far known that headlamp glare from oncoming site visitors is a massive contributor to the hassle. Searching into the tough glare from vehicle lighting fixtures reasons you to tire fast. It puts a horrible, negative strain on your eyes – much like when you examine the solar! This is why we frequently experience exhausted after using in night time situations.

So, increasing your imaginative and prescient would growth your reaction time, which might then decrease your chance of an accident.

The talented engineers over at daysight got here up with a pair of driving glasses that flip your blurry and evident night time shuttle into a crystal clean breeze. The innovative anti-glare lenses make quick paintings of the blur that pollutes your imaginative and prescient from road lamps, visitors lighting fixtures, oncoming site visitors’s’ headlights, and extra!

The distinction is unbelievable. It certainly turns night time into day! With higher night time time imaginative and prescient while using, you could maneuver and function your self with super ease. The protection score of your drive will increase exponentially. Just see underneath – the headlights on the left side glare, making them appearance as much as 300% their regular size. At the right, the polarized lenses flood out the glare and give a miles more hd view of the road!

As someone who receives off of labor in the nighttime hours, i am familiar on a each day foundation with the perils of using at night time, specially in rush hour. The wide variety of injuries i’ve visible is greater than i would really like. The high definition vision¬†glasses have been average sized and reasonably styled, so i don’t appearance ridiculous in them. They sat without problems on my nose and ears and gave my eyes complete protection, including the peripherals!

The distinction turned into surprising! With vehicles dealing with in the direction of me from oncoming site visitors, their headlights now not glared into my eyes and instead regarded a whole lot greater tender and diffused. The yellow tint of the lenses brightened dark areas of the road and softened the bright elements…For this reason creating a completely uniform high definition vision subject. It turned into like viewing the road from an hd television screen!

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