Yes! Finishing Touch Hair Remover: does it work? reviews and opinions

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Yes! Finishing Touch Hair Remover does it work

Yes! Finishing Touch Hair Remove is the extraordinary epilator of the B-Good line with pulsed light that will remove, without pain and without causing cuts like a blade, unwanted hair from your body.

Hair Remove laser depilator is designed to be used on all skin types, from the most sensitive to the fattest, and is composed of a micro-oscillation technology that through a single movement removes unwanted hair without causing pain or irritation.

The Yes! Finishing is ideal for removing facial hair and the bikini area, but can also be used for arms and under the arms, areas difficult to reach on the legs and will give you the effect of a waxing.

What is it and how does it work? Yes! Finishing Touch Hair Remove?
Yes! Finishing Touch Hair Remove was created without harmful substances for health and with hypoallergenic material and features the innovative Sensa-Light technology, which activates the epilator only when it is in contact with the skin.

The epilator Yes! Finishing inside is equipped with a light that does not harm the health of the skin and is equipped with two heads: one with a small blade to remove the short hairs and a second blade used to remove the longer hairs.

Yes! Finishing Touch is a very easy to use body epilator and is only twelve centimeters large. Thanks to the practical packaging you can take it with you anywhere: it has no wires and is rechargeable. Thanks to the light present in Yes! Finishing Touch will be easy to shave, even in areas where the visibility is discrete type behind the nape, without leaving any traces of hair.

In every package you purchase Laser Hair Remover you will find:

1 Finishing Touch
1 Head
1 Cleaning brush
1 Power cord

How to use the Yes! Epilator Finishing Touch Hair Laser Remover?
Use the Yes! Epilator Finishing Touch is very simple and as already mentioned, the epilator is activated only when it comes into contact with the skin. Depiliating with Hair Remover will take you a few minutes a day and you can repeat the operation even after a few days, especially when you notice the re-growth of hair on the face, arms, groin or other part of the body.

Use Yes! Finishing Touch Hair Remover is very simple and it will be enough:

Turn on the epilator by pushing the button on the ON button
wait for the power LED to flash to warn you that the product is ready for use
place the epilator on the area to be depilated
the epilator will switch off and off automatically six seconds after removing the sensa-light head from the skin and will switch back on as soon as you press the epilator back to the skin.
After finishing the hair removal, switch off Yes! Finishing Touch Hair Remover by returning the button to OFF.
Warning: Water can damage Yes! Finishing Touch Hair Remover, so do not use the product in the shower, near water, or in a wet room.

Opinions and contraindications on the use of Yes! Finishing Touch Hair Remover
The use of the Yes! Finishing Touch Hair Remover, manufactured according to the latest technologies, has no contraindications or side effects. The product is designed to be applied to the face, arms, cheeks and other parts of the body, as indicated on the package and not with DIY methods.

It is advised to use the laser epilator for three hours on first use. It is also recommended by the manufacturer of the product to use the Yes! Finishing epilator on clean and completely dry skin, without cream or cosmetic residues.

The product can be used on all types of skin and especially by men and women.

Warning: if the light is on but the epilator does not work, click on the Reset button. For a long lasting product it is not recommended to wash the epilator under water and for a correct cleaning and removal of hairs from the heads, use the brush that is included in the package. Keep the product out of reach of children.

Where to buy and how much the Yes! Finishing Touch Hair Remover
Yes! Finishing Touch Hair Removal product can be purchased online. Yes! Finishing Touch Hair Remover is a cosmetic product that can not be purchased in pharmacy, drugstore or cosmetics stores.

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