Bilis Fresh Air Freshener Dispenser in Pakistan

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Bilis Fresh Air Freshener Dispenser in Pakistan
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Welcome to, your one-stop destination for innovative and high-quality products. Introducing the Bilis Fresh Air Freshener Dispenser, the perfect solution to keep your surroundings fresh and pleasant in Pakistan.

The Bilis Fresh Air Freshener Dispenser is designed to provide a continuous burst of refreshing fragrance in your home or office. With its automatic and programmable features, you can customize the dispenser to release fragrance at specific intervals, ensuring a consistently pleasant atmosphere.

This air freshener dispenser uses advanced technology to disperse the fragrance effectively, eliminating unpleasant odors and replacing them with a delightful scent. The sleek and modern design of the dispenser adds a touch of elegance to any space while effectively freshening the air.

The Bilis Fresh Air Freshener Dispenser is suitable for use in various areas, including bedrooms, living rooms, bathrooms, offices, and more. Whether you want to create a relaxing ambiance or eliminate unwanted odors, this dispenser is your go-to solution.

Operating the Bilis Fresh Air Freshener Dispenser is simple and hassle-free. The refillable fragrance canisters are easy to replace, allowing you to enjoy your favorite scents continuously. The dispenser can be wall-mounted or placed on a flat surface, adapting to your specific needs.

Experience the long-lasting freshness and inviting fragrance with the Bilis Fresh Air Freshener Dispenser. Order your dispenser today from and enjoy a pleasant and fragrant environment. We offer nationwide delivery across Pakistan, ensuring that you can easily access this exceptional product. Say goodbye to unwanted odors and welcome a breath of fresh air into your space with Bilis Fresh Air Freshener Dispenser.

Filter out type: spray

Input voltage: 1.5v

Energy intake: 220 w

Product weight: 480 gm

Product dimensions: h x l x w: 25 x eight x 8 cm

Most room size: 2 hundred sq.Feet

Washable air filter: no

Clear out alternative indicator: sure

Color: white

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