V Comb Anti Lice Machine in Pakistan

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v comb in Pakistan
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V-comb digital anti-lice machine is the best machine available in the market to get rid the problem associated with the lice and their eggs. This product may be very smooth to perform and use. The overall method of the v-comb is quite simple and easy. Now you do no longer want to buy heavy combs to eliminate lice.

Lice’s are a form of a parasite and they feed on the blood that they commonly observed on the scalp. Normally, the color of lice is tan and they’re about the dimensions of about the sesame seed. A whole lot of people have been going around the problem of lice on their scalp for a while. Such people often find it tough to completely do away with this hassle. No longer handiest adults, however, youngsters are also very plenty affected with this type of trouble.

If your kid often scratches his/her head and complaining approximately itchy scalp, then you definitely want to take severe warning in this regard. This could be the very first signal of the infestation because of head lice. As soon as you’ve got showed the presence of lice, then the subsequent step might be to eliminate it as quickly as viable. There are a number of strategies which you may adopt, however now not an unmarried technique paintings in a long time. In case you are also experiencing this ugly state of affairs, then there is not anything to lose heart because you could use a unique tool for this cause as telebrands v-comb.

The telebrands vcomb head lice comb is a progressive, modern and natural way of getting rid of nits or lice. This tool additionally allows getting rid of the eggs of lice with the convenience of combing. This multipurpose head lice comb is chemical loose and there are not any insecticides involved inside the method of this product. Moreover, this anti-head lice comb is equally beneficial for men, women, and kids. The enamel of the comb is made from the renowned stainless steel that runs smoothly throughout the scalp. All the lice, nits and eggs are captured after which despatched to the patented capture filter out of the comb. Please keep in mind to detach and clean the clear out when completed.

The telebrands v-comb anti-head lice comb is an exceptionally smooth manner to get rid the hassle of lice on you, your associate and your children’ head. It is endorsed to use the brush on the dry hair and it does now not require any dangerous chemical before or after the lice treatment. All of the users want to attach the fresh capture clear out onto the pinnacle of a v-comb package after which reattach the top to the package to begin the operation. Whilst you try this, you can in a break up 2nd begin the treatment! Correspondingly, as you seek over the hair, the dispensable filter accurately traps lice and their eggs.

The telebrands v-comb is possibly the cutting-edge, quickest and safest way to take away lice, nits, and their eggs. The comb makes use of the unique cause suction strength that correctly sucks all of the lice while going for walks the comb throughout the top. Furthermore, the top of the comb is designed in a manner that it’s going to without a doubt work on all sorts of hair, irrespective of its length. The general cleaning and upkeep of the tool are likewise very simple and easy. The package deal is observed with the aid of a cleaning brush and three disposable filters that are easy to clean and disposed of.

A way to set up unit of Pakistan v-comb?

The setting up of the unit is not so difficult but calls for good enough care. Please read the following strains for similarly records:

Initially; you have got to test all of the contents of the box you’ve acquired.
Now take open one % of the disposable clear out and first take out the principal body of the v-comb, then connect the principle frame with the led illuminated clear out unit. Now, join the combing head to complete the unit.
Try to connect the filter to v-comb combing head, till you pay attention the click sound.
Inside the final step, carefully attach the combing head via ensuring to no longer to crush or damage the filter out.
Please note that the one percent of the disposable filter additionally incorporates the ultimate lid. You need to preserve the lid on the more secure vicinity for later use.
Inside the next step, you need to plug the v-comb adapter to an electrical power source. Before plugging in the adapter, please ensure that the electric score of the power source suits the score stated at the power adapter of v-comb.
If you want to avoid any electrical threat or surprise, please try and use the complete safety equipment at some point of plugging in the adapter within the energy source.
Now your v-comb unit is ready to use. Please study the below-mentioned information for using it appropriately.

A way to operate the telebrands Pakistan v-comb?

The unit may be used with the help of the following steps:

Inside the first actual step, you need to trade the angle of the combing by way of protecting and pushing down both the knobs on the edges of the combing unit. After that, you need to alter tooth angle. Now, launch each the aspect knobs to relaxed the combing unit in a single location. You could alter the combing head in different positions as direct function and racking function. Please use the one position that suits high-quality you.
Please try to make sure that hair has to be nicely-wiped clean, conditioned and dry. As this unit works quality in dry hair, so dry hair is necessary. It’s far typically advisable to very well brush the hair if you want to take away any sort of knots or entanglements.
Inside the next step, you need to make special sections of the hair through the use of the hair clips. Try and use the v-comb on one section thoroughly at one time.
Within the subsequent step, you have to turn on the unit to start the hair treatment.
As a way to get the pleasant consequences, it’s miles encouraged to always start first from the nape of the neckline after which you can paintings your up on the relaxation of the hair.
Please try and maintain the v-comb unit proper way up all the time at some point of treatment.
During remedy, consciousness on every small section and attempt to comb thru all sections of the hair proper from the basis to tip making sure using the unit as near as feasible to the scalp.
Attempt to comb each section of hair in unique guidelines as left, right, pinnacle and backside. Now repeat this cycle through each segment several instances in each section of the hair.
Now repeat this system to the subsequent segment and so forth.
The Led light of the filter unit will help you to determine the trapped lice and its eggs at some point of the treatment.
You can use the v-comb head so long as you prefer. But, don’t stretch the cord too much in any other case the adapter may be pulled out from the electric supply.
Whilst you’ve finished, remove the clear out and close the filter out with the lid supplied inside the filter p.C. And disposed of the filter out to a safer place.
Please don’t use the used filter out again because it isn’t encouraged. Attempt to eliminate the used filter out as quickly as viable earlier than and after using the v-comb. You can additionally get the replacement filters if required.
Now, you have to manually smooth the combing brush of the unit with the assist of the brush furnished with the package. The brush could be very available to easy all the remnants of head lice and its eggs that may be trapped among the tooth of the comb. You could also use any first-rate anti-septic answer consisting of dettol. Please bear in mind to wipe the enamel of the brush the usage of the anti-septic answer.
You have successfully operated the v-comb.

Additional capabilities of the telebrands v-comb pakistan

High first-class anti-lice system that eliminated head lice and its eggs
Chemical loose treatment
Disposable head lice clear out
Contemporary and ergonomic tool
A modern device that makes use of the vacuum to remove the head lice
Smart, compact and smooth design
Maximum great stainless-steel combing unit with adjustable angles
Clear out unit is illuminated with the aid of beautiful led
As smooth as combing
No need for any pesticides
Easy to use
Comes with 3 disposable filters
Smooth and mild remedy
Runs on ac strength source
Similarly appropriate for guys, girls, and kids

Technical specs of the telebrands v-comb anti-lice remedy pakistan

Product description: vacuum powered head lice gadget
Strength adapter input score: 240v volts, 50 hertz
Electricity adapter output score: 24 v, dc 1 ampere
Suitable running temperature: five˚c – 40˚c
Suitable garage temperature: -25˚c – 70˚c
Net weight: zero.35 kilograms
What is covered within the bundle?

1 x combing head
1 x primary body
1 x filter out unit
1 x strength adapter
3 x disposable seize filters
1 x preparation manual

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